10 Things to Review as You Compare Homes

Moving ahead with home buying plans? A first step is to make a list of lifestyle questions to help narrow down your “must-haves,” as well as consider trade-offs that fit within financial parameters?
1)            Do you have a preference for housing style? Detached? Semi-detached? Townhouse? Condominium Apartment?
2)            Do you enjoy older “heritage” homes, or modern architecture?
3)            Do you enjoy yard work? Or would you prefer someone take care of the landscaping?
4)            Are you often away from home?
5)            Do you frequently entertain or regularly have house guests?
6)            Are you a “handyman” or do you even want to be?
7)            Are you comfortable with a Condo Board making decisions about the complex on behalf of your investment?
8)            Do you want to live near transit? Schools? Shops?
9)            How near do you want to be to your neighbours?
10)          Do you want to be close to the action? Or are open-areas more your style?